Di Lombok

We do like to mention some of the local people who are very important to us,  including : 

Dr. Farida
Dentist and Orthodontiste among others in the service of Gerung Hospital. She is managing and aranging a lot for us, thanks to using her local network.

Jantine Buijs and Holis Udin
Jantine is originally Dutch and living in Lombok for many years. Her whole life she is devoted to arrange help for the needed in Lombok. She does this together with her roommate Holis.

Schreurs family

Foundation Lombok Care
The family Schreuder is doing a great job and makes us feel very welcome. We really like to use their hospitallity
as they offer us shelter over there.

Works at LombokCare , but also as an interpreter and assistant for us .

Noviati ( and her husband Isa )
Noviati has so much patience doing a lot of translation for us. She also knows the ways to make our work easier.

He is our driver and joining us every year. He brings us anywhere. Working all day long untill late is no problem for him.

For many years, he is our help and support in one of the villages. He has a good view of those people who need help. He puts a lot of effort in his assistance, which often means he places his own work aside for us.

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