STICHTING-bannerThe foundation aims to support volunteers, financially or otherwise, in their (para-)medical work in Indonesia, especially on the island of Lombok. This work may include providing direct care and/or support, guidance and education of health care providers on site. To this goal does not belong making any payments to the founder or to those who are part of the foundation.

In Indonesia there is no health insurance . One should pay for medical care oneself. For many people cataract or pterygium surgery is too expensive. For some, it is possible to be treated on the basis of a certificate of incapacity, but this is only for the very – very poorest. For them it is very difficult to get to a medical center to visit a specialist. These people we help in finding the way into the medical system.

We provide eye examinations to people we meet in poor villages. This implies that we see what is wrong with the eye and correct it through glasses. We have taken collected eyeglasses with us from the Netherlands or are these are shipped from the Netherlands. When adequate glasses are not present, we make glasses on the spot for the patients.
We also research the health of the eye and we supervise and finance the medical treatment where necessary.

We use various equipment that we brought from the Netherlands. Our travel and accommodation expenses are paid by the participants themselves or by sponsors. The collected money will be used by the foundation to pay for medical costs and treatments. The health care volunteers who help us locally get paid for this. This concerns costs and fees for transport, translation and various abetting activities.


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