My name is Stephan LembeckTogether with my wife Helen I have an optician’s shop in Geldrop called Pearle .

For my knowledge and experience in the field of eye, I was asked in 2009 to go to Lombok joining Marie -José Verheijen Blomme, hygienist of the Academic Hospital Maastricht commitment, to help the poorest people of the Indonesian island Lombok. Since then I have been back with her regularly. The last two times I was accompanied by my daughter Rebecca .

We measure people there and provide those who are in need of glasses. For people who need medical treatment we start coaching . We go back to the eye doctor to discuss treatment processes and where necessary we fund this. We thank all the sponsors who made this possible, because without their help is not possible this work. It is very nice work and you get a lot of gratitude in return. We are also very pleased that our enthusiastic stories have made a bigger team to go it possible.

Over the years there has been a very nice collaboration with some local people who assist us. All people like to be there for our fellow men .

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I’m Rebecca Lembeck, born in 1994 and living in Geldrop.

In February 2014 I completed my training for Enterprising Optician in Eindhoven. Now I am enrolled in the program in Optometry in Utrecht.

I’m going for the 3rd time to Lombok, as I like to help the people there. You see still a lot of trouble there, but anyone who you can is giving a lot of satisfaction in return.

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I am Eric Fijten, born in 1966 and I grew up in Roermond.

After highschool and military service I am living in Geldrop. I have been working for 20 years as an emergency room nurse in the St.Anne hospital in Geldrop. I am married, we have two children and in my free time I teach or can be found at the local fire department.

In Lombok I devote myself to the disadvantaged people among us and I am going to use my knowledge and experience within the medical team that I will work with. I hope to offer a helping hand so that people have a better prospect in the medical field.

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My name is Marjolein Fijtenborn in 1995 and I am from Geldrop.

Currently I am studying Health Sciences at the University of Maastricht. I have always wanted to study medicine and to work as medical doctor in developing areas.

Now I already have the chance to go to Lombok with the foundation and this is a very good opportunity to do something for the world. It will mean a beautiful experience to remember all my life.

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Frank de Valck. Born in Rotterdam at 1-7-1959. Now living in Sleeuwijk.

Trained optician, opometrist and contact lens specialist. Management too.
Working already 14 years with lots of fun for Pearle Benelux, responsible for the division Contact Lenses at all four Pearle chains, performing in the Benelux under various trade names. In addition, Clinical Advisor for the international holding Grand Vision BV. Also am still having lots of fun once a month in measuring contact lenses in the store, because I do like to keep contact with the customers.

Although I always exercise my work with passion, I’m also still make time for myself. I like to photograph, no set topic, it can be anything. I ‘m on the photography site Flikr, and of course I have my Facebook full of pictures. I also try to limit the effects of gravity on my body by running exercises. Should of course also keep enough energy left for my two teenagers of 16 and 19 , Max & Star .

Have been in Indonesia 20 years ago : Bali, Sulawesi, Maluku and Papua NG. Fantastic. So looking forward to this trip and of course what contribution I can make. I see it a kind of my ” Mecca ” that I must have done at least once in my life.
I am also curious about my traveling companions and I am sure we can have a very special time together.

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My name is Yvonne Borst-Svennblad, born in 1965.
I am originally Swedish, but I’ve been living in the Netherlands since 1991.

I’m studying for Optician in Roermond and I am in my last year of study.

Married and mother of 3 boys. I will go to Lombok as a volunteer because I like to help people and in my field of optics a lot of help is needed in Lombok.

I’ve never been there before, so I am curious what this challenge will bring me.

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I am Odette Claus-Zents, born in 1966. Since September 2013 I live with my husband and two children in Saudi Arabia. We live in the capital Riyadh , which is the work of my husband. 

Before that we lived in Heeze and I worked as orthoptist at St. Anna Hospital in Geldrop on the outpatient ophthalmology. I’ve enjoyed working for nine years . Treating lazy eyes, strabismus, diplopia , fitting glasses , orthoptic exercises are the focus of an orthoptist. There are both children and adults in the orthoptic clinic.

In Lombok I hope to help children suffering poor vision, lazy eyes or squinting and to treat them in order to improve their future.

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I am Annemiek in ’t Veen born in 1997 en living in Uithuizen (Groningen).
Currently I’m in my 5th and final year of the Green Lyceum (havo). I’m still in doubt about my further education choices, although I am sure the direction will lead to medical care.

Helping people in different situations is something I really like to do. Now I have the chance to go to Lombok. I hope to be able to see and learn a lot which helps me to make the best study career choice.

My parents have an optician’s shop, where I acquired some optic experiences. I like to practice that on Lombok, watching an operation or assisting Eric Fijten would be totallty awesome.

It seems to be an unique experience to learn a lot from and always to remember.

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We do like to mention some of the local people who are very important to us :  participants on Lombok island 


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